Principal’s Message

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” - W.B. Yeats

The institute’s motto is “Higher, Stronger, Brighter”. The main objectives of the institute are to provide education, health and other basic amnesties to all section of the society with special attention to educate the girls and women and there by making them secure, self dependent and confident. The institute also aims for the peace and development in the nation and in the world. Thus all our efforts are directed to help our students to forge ahead providing the right job opportunities and ideal environment. We endeavor to instill in students the sense of responsibility and initiative to become useful members of the society and that can play a very important role in the process of building a better and greater nation.

Today, in this world of knowledge and information revolution SHYAM SUNDER MEMORIAL (P.G.) COLLEGE is a dream come true where the future generations will take over the heritage of the past, interweave it in the fine fabric of the present and progress towards a future that ensures happiness, prosperity and peace through a healthy combination of academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Education performs three fold social functions by creating, transmitting and maintaining social values, ideals, believe and culture, in a constructive role .It preserve precious heritage, values, ideals and beliefs. Education opens starts of skills to budding human generation such as social interaction, emotional growth, physical awareness, aesthetic and spiritual response.

I feel blessed to be able to lead our college family into this next phase, where we look forward to embarking on a journey to achieve greater heights and become one of the leading institutes of the country. We welcome all the students and stakeholders in the new academic year. May we all have a wonderful association together.